What ReadyFit is All About

The workplace is undoubtedly where most people spend the better part of their day, and consequently, the more significant portion of their productive lives. How they spend this time is, therefore, an issue of great concern, both for workers and for their employers.

One productivity determinant, arguably the greatest, is a worker’s health and general wellness. It affects the number of hours people are physically present at their stations of work, and how efficient they are, if and when they are present.

This aspect led to the rise of ergonomics, a discipline that is concerned with the evaluation, and improvement, of workers’ efficiency, on a day to day basis. Ergonomics is considered a combination of both physical and mental fitness regimes, to maintain workers at their optimum best. It includes activities as simple as getting the right chairs, encouraging proper work postures, changing tasks from time to time, and doing light exercises in the process of work, among many others.

The physical exercise bit is where ReadyFit comes in when it comes to workplace ergonomics. Already a guru in the fitness industry, ReadyFit has taken time to explore how fitness regimes can be incorporated into the workplace, to ensure everyone is in an excellent physical and mental state, to perform at their optimum levels.

We explore different issues, which link ergonomics and physical fitness, to help you, (an employer or employee), understand its benefits fully.

How, for example, do ergonomics affect career satisfaction? It goes without saying that workers will feel more satisfied, (hence more productive), in an environment that provides comfort. You may be the only kind boss in the world, but if your workers suffer endless back pain due to improper posture or bad chairs, they will always feel short-changed.

We take time to explore the different aspects of ergonomics in separate, detailed articles. Taking a deep dive, to help you fully understand what ergonomics is all about, we give meanings and examples, in a simple-to-understand format. We separate the pros and cons, outline a design you can use to begin and/or improve your ergonomics, and create a safe and comfortable working environment.

The human body is naturally designed to like things that harm it, and reject those that benefit it. Bad postures and unhealthy eating habits are very attractive, whereas exercise, and some engaging tasks feel like punishment. Learn more about how to cultivate personal and organisational discipline, to curb these problems.

Whatever facet of the workplace you occupy, ReadyFit is just the right site for you to explore. You are welcome here, to take a journey with us, a trip that could improve the attitude, and output, in your workplace, and solve problems that have been bothering you for ages. What more could you ask for?