Tips for a Healthy Ergonomic Work Station

Having a healthy ergonomic work station is essential for productivity. The reality is that most people are doing things wrong and putting their health at risk. If you have a workstation, you should make sure that you have measures in place that will keep you comfortable.

Healthy Ergonomic Work Stations

  • Chair: The chair that you sit on should be an ergonomic chair that is adjustable and designed to offer you comfort. When you sit down, you should not have to strain your back or neck, as this could lead to further complications.
  • Keyboard: When you are at a workplace that needs you to use the keyboard, you need to get a keyboard that is specially designed to prevent straining, especially if you spend a lot of time using the keyboard.
  • Break Schedules: No matter how busy you are, you should remember to take regular breaks from your work station to avoid getting muscle cramps and developing conditions such as deep vein thrombosis that can be aggravated by being in a sitting position for too long.
  • Monitor Placement: Most people find that when they have the computer monitor directly in front of them, they tend to be more comfortable than when the monitor is slanted at awkward angles where they have to keep straining and struggling to view the content of the monitor.
  • Mouse Nearby: This might sound like an obvious thing, but many people miss it. Always make sure that you have your computer mouse near you so that you are not straining and struggling to reach the mouse every time that you want to use the computer.
  • Consider Changing Work Position: You do not have to sit all the time. Offices should fit some computers in strategic places where people can work while standing up.