What Are the Advantages of Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is an emerging trend in most organisations. It refers to the designing of a job to fit employee’s needs, to make work safer and more efficient. Ergonomic solutions are valuable, because they make employees comfortable, prevent musculoskeletal disorders, and increase productivity. Here’s a rundown of some advantages of ergonomics.

Reduced Absenteeism

Pain-free workers who rarely get injured, lead a healthy life and tend to be more engaged and productive. This means that, unless for the most obvious reasons, they would not miss work.


Increased Motivation

Employees look up to their bosses, to make the workplace comfortable and safe. Incorporating ergonomics solutions in the workplace makes the workforce feel valued, and this helps to boost their morale.

Increased Productivity

Increased morale among employees, fewer injuries, and reduced absenteeism would definitely help improve productivity. Safe and comfortable workplaces are associated with improved job satisfaction, which, in turn, increases productivity.

Increased Savings

With workplace ergonomics, it’s fairly cheap to manage sustainable, productive employees. Fewer injuries translate to fewer worker compensation claims.

Good Reputation

A business that takes care of its employees is likely to have a good name, and would, more often than not, attract and retain the best talent.

Examples of Compensation Claims Related to Poor Ergonomics

These compensation claims can be direct costs, such as:

  • Medical treatment and prescription costs
  • Insurance premiums

Or, indirect costs, including:

  • Replacement worker costs
  • Legal or investigation costs
  • Accommodation costs for new workers
  • Orientation and training costs for new employees

Ergonomics at a Glance

Workers come in different sizes, yet ergonomics help to cater for the individual needs of each employee. Ergonomics doesn’t have to be expensive. A comprehensive programme, low-cost measures for the office, and risk reduction techniques, may help save money when implementing ergonomic solutions. Generally, the advantages of ergonomics include reduced absenteeism, increased motivation, increased savings, and improved productivity.